CV’s GT (Volume 1: The Rise of the Coconuts)


Hi, everyone! This will be my GT! If you feel like chatting, then come here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 12:12 AMWednesday, January 9, 2019 12:12 AM

@Gobli09 @MewtwoCreator @TankT2016 @FearlessPhoenix @Mr.Rex @KVJ @Paige1212

@Petrichor please lounge all of my previous GTs.


first post (I don’t know how fast this topic will fill up)


So… anything you wanna chat about?


idk I don’t usually chat


I’m not sure what to talk about either…


Fearless left so you probably shouldn’t tag them…


What the world???




Hi! Anything you want to talk about?


Yeah fearless left on December 28th (Fea really has a thing for leaving on memorable days gosh).

It’s in their bio too.

I know them irl so if you wanna say something to them tell me and I’ll tell that to them


@GweTV @A_Metalhead @Awesome_E I’m not gonna be able to talk for a while; I’m eating dinner.


k I gtg anyways
Bye :v:


I’m back! Have you come up with anything yet?



Recent art of undertale charater


What are ur plans for burning Santa next year?
Or do u even have plans


I’m here.


I might… but I’d have to wait for more months than even make a year.


Hi, @Hopscotcher! How’s it going?


Nice new profile pic
Isn’t that the group photo? Nice!
Also, if you have ideas for my project I’m working on, could you please share them? I’m working on a new project and need help.


ABSOLUTELY OKAY :ok_hand:t2:.