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Here you may disperse ideas and cookies. :cookie:
Be appropriate!
Share stuff here!
Announce stuff here!
Run out of likes here!
I don't care what you post as long as it is appropriate. And funny! :3
Jk we can't all be funny..
Or can we :3

(Creadit to @Silverdolphin)


Hello @lollypopcorn ! Can we be friends ?


@JojoDude , @StarryDream , hi !


Hiiiiii! I don't know what to post so...

Links to my favorite games I made!


  • Popcorn
  • Cookies
  • Pizza
  • Hot dogs
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Cake


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Hope we can be friends!


Are you on hopscotch????


Hi! Thanks for tagging me!

It's funny, whenever I get tagged in a group, @StarryDream always happens to get tagged too!


Hi @Cutedolphin !!

@lollypopcorn , she is on hopscotch and her name is cute dolphin :dolphin:


Okay lol

I'll play her projects



Okay ! Thanks - she really appreciates it !


@PercyJackson9 , as a regular you are not allowed to change the title unless you have permission! Please do not do it because I like to have the tags there! And I like the colas so I can put it the tags !!


Sorry. Won't do that again without permission


Okay ! That is fine and my sister forgives you !


Get @StarryDream - long timie no seeie! What have I missed ?

@OMTL ( my sis taught me how to do that !!)


Hi cutie

Wussup gurl


Hi @JeffieTheCutie, which friend are you logged in now as ??


Nothing at the moment apart from I am rejoining the forum from 7 months ago


You should create a friend Tag List! We're you thinking about making one? It'd be much better to use that the OMTL


Hoi CuteDolphin


Not don't use omtl in gts


I did that too last year. I joined when the forum was new, but I didn't visit it so much after that. Last year, I came back and I have been on almost every day since that (I am only offline while I am away from my iPad. Welcome back!