Cutedogeisthebest(Princess pearl of art) chat group


Hello there!here is the chat group here,so all of you can chat on here too!i made this chat group is because I want to have a group in hopscotch so that we can team up and make cool arts together.:smile:


@Gcully are you are on ?


I nominated your project for featured


@BaconStudios BaconStudios thank you so much :blush:


I don't get the name...
Usually "chat" is referring to talking with a group of people, not coding with a group of people. I suggest you change the name to something else, just to prevent confusion. :slight_smile:


Oh great. I see now. The whole reason why thing is confusing.
I mean, what dose "chatting with people" have to do with "making cool art together"?
Sorry if this seems rude... I know your not exactly familiar with English.


You are rude D:!!!!!!!!!!,


If it is roblox,I am gonna report you 99,999,999,990K


Um, there may be a little bit nicer way to say that.. can you please change that post?


What post? @Refugeecat123


I'm sorry? I wasn't trying to be rude... I was just saying. I think it's unfair that you have the feeling of reporting me when I did nothing wrong. Also, I wanted to show you this.


I am good at English sorry that I am mean


I am mean with you sorry!


@Cutedogeisthebest yes I am


@gcully I made a account for you and me it PG club and I think you knows the password


ummm I kinda don't know it @Cutedogeisthebest


Linda123 ok!:blush::blush:make the account yourself as i need to do something now