CuteDiamond Puppies topic 1 (OFFICIAL)



We need to get back to this...we haven't been on the account for days....


Yeah... Ooh, I made some more pixel art!


Are we going to do all of them?


I'm not quite sure... We probably would not want to do the donut or apple (in red, at least), because I already made those two. We could do everything else, though.


Oh okay

I might do the chocolate bar....


Okay, I I'll wait until you're finished, if you want to do it now. We can also brainstorm ideas for other projects -- we can look at

For ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can't do it now, I'll do it later?

I need my iPad for it


Okay. I'll do the apple, but I'll make it green. :green_apple::green_apple::green_apple::green_apple::green_apple:


I'm on the account now, working on the draft


K! I think I will make the paint brush!


Don't do it I'm still working on a project


Okey!! I will when u r done!


I'm not finished yet but I have to go you can start on whatever you want


K thank you!!!!


Hi @CDP! I just wrote a HUGE list of ideas for things to make -- we could use it as inspiration!
Huge List of Ideas
Endless runner game - alien theme
Beach trail art
Grocery store simulator
Take care of wild squirrels in a park game
Life Simulator (look it up here -
Create an island game
Island survival with tribes
The Trail simulator (it is an iOS app)
Sticker book - forest theme
Toy store keeper simulation game
Host a party for a penguin game
Makeup game/makeup trail art
Endless carriage rider dodge
Mini band
Singing zebras game
Breeding monsters game
Zookeeper simulation
Minecraft fishing simulator
Dragon rider game
Train station building/planning game
Driving game
Skydiving simulator
Feed a hedgehog minigame
Grow a cactus windowsill garden game
Make puff pastry simulator
Be a library security guard simulator
Variation on the board game "Candyland"
Pack for a picnic puzzle game
Snail wars defense game
Interactive puppet
A version of the app "Flow Free"
Conduct songbirds game
Tiny universe caretaker game
Loot the correct chest puzzle game
Dancing mouse animation
Grow the tree of life game
Identify animal tracks educational game
City creator
Toss items into the trash game
Help a cat get to the fishbowl game
Whack-a-mole - bug theme
Fan smoke in the correct direction minigame
Climb 1000 steps simulator
Choose your own adventure story - celebrity theme
Maze game
Survive in a spacecraft
Navigate an accident prone cruise ship game
Land a hot air balloon game
Collect the stars
Build a sky island
Free the birds puzzle game
Prison for octopi
Help a prison esapee stay hidden
Wind blowing through the trees animation
Provide enough power for a city game


Those are really cool :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Which one on the list are you guys wanting to do?


Thank you!

Sounds really fun to me, and so does

I would have fun with any on the list, though!
And, if, for some reason, you don't want to do any, I have a bunch more written down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I'd like to do an animation, I'm not good with games but yeah sure we can do that


We can do an animation as well -- what were you thinking of doing?


The wind blowing through the trees animation, or some gif

We don't have to do that if you and Laser eyed puppy want