⚠️ Customized Titles ⚠️


So, this is a decision from the mods, but we've been noticing that customized titles are everywhere, and many people have one. We want these customized titles to something you earn as a 'treat', not just something most everyone has.

Sooo, with that, we are taking away all titles except for

  • Day of Silence titles
  • Summer Contest titles
  • If your title is the "Regular" title
  • Leader and Mod titles

Hope y'all understand this, and we will start to take away titles if they don't fit into one of the categories, starting today

I want a title!

What if you won the title from a contest?
There's a contest I'm joining and one of the prizes is a title from @BuildASnowman. :slight_smile:


I meant summer contest titles xD


Okay! That sounds fair. I know there have been some smaller contests and some mods have given titles as prizes. Will you take those away too?
Edit: Never mind Snoopy beat me to it. XD


We are taking away all titles right now
So, if you win a title from one of us tomorrow, we will make sure you keep your title


That sounds fair!

So will you guys be randomly handing them out or something?


Yes, but there's an Olympic Contest, too!
Since I didn't win, I joined another contest. :3
But that one has a title as its prize, too.
Will the prize get taken away? That's really the only reason I joined the contest. :frowning:

EDIT: Ok, yay! :smiley:


No. We'll be randomly taking them away.


We won't be randomly handing them out because everyone is starting to get them


So will no one have them?

You said you wanted them to be a treat so I'm wondering what circumstances will allow someone to get a title :wink:


Read the four bullet points.


PT explains everything clearly in the first post. :slight_smile:


If. You. Read. The. Four. Bullet. Points. It. Will. State. Everyone. Who. Will. Have. A. Title.


Okay I got it


Oh...Okay. My title is a Day of silence title. You said you won't take them away


This, my friends, is an exasperated Poptart. Sorry, I meant Beyonce. I wouldn't recommend talking to an exasperated Beyonce.



I think that's fair :D
Will there be more for other occasions in the future you give out titles?



Thanks for letting us that have day of silence titles keep them.


Omg @PopTart0219, not the people who've won the summer competition. @Caramel_Puffin, what was your title again? Sorry young ___? Was it punawon?


wait she won

dang it

okay sorry