Customized Hopscotch Stickers!



Hi guys! So, I'm doing stickers. This means I will draw a bunch of different emotions and/or sayings in the OC or object of your choice. For example, if your name is Mug, you can choose for your icon to be a coffe mug but I don't know why anyone would do that. You could also choose a singer or a band, HOWEVER the band may have no more than four members. Others may use already posted stickers however they must ask me and the person I made the stickers for before use. You get to choose your choice of emotions and how many you'd like of each and/or quotes (e.g. Goodnight or Good Job!). Anyways! There are four different packs.

5 stickers - an hour or a half hour
10 stickers - two to three hours
15 stickers - a half-day
20 stickers - 1 day

Also, you have to choose one more thing.

Do you want:

Just the head - minus 15-30 minutes
Down to the waist - possibly more time
Full body - one hour or so more.

They are all free! They will be put together on ONE IMAGE, so you will have to crop them.

Any others you think of.

Good Night
Nice Project!
Good Idea!
Any others you want.

Just reply with your character - you can have up to two, tell me if you want them both in each emotion or want them in separate ones - your emotions, head/waist/full body, and how many you want.

This is the style they will be drawn in:

You can use them at any time! When you discover a new topic, want to express how you feel with a CUSTOM emoji, and more!

Here is an example of one sticker:


Amount of stickers:
Head, Waist, Full:
Emotions and/or quotes:
Description of character and/or photo: (NO PHOTOS OF YOURSELF PLEASE!!)

Character Form:
Age: (height + anatomy stuff)
Skin tone:
Other (e,g, pose etc.):


Cool! I would like the logo of KIDZ BOP and.....maybe a kawaii girl. If possible. I'm not trying to make you stressed! Please tell if you can't do it,


Ok! I'll draw that tomorrow.


Thanks. And again, do it if you can.


Could you make a kawaii girl?

Make it with black hair and brown eyes please!

And a friend with what @smishsmash looks like.

You can ask her what she looks like. XD


@smishsmash what u look like

Guys, please remember that you need to include the quotes and/or emotions in your requests, and how many you would like. These are STICKERS, not drawings.


Two happy people, please!

And could you make the sign friends?


Can you tell me how many you want and the other required info?

Bumping up the topic.


Could you make a happy boy with the quote "Be Happy". Can you draw him down to the waist? Just do it if you have time, I can wait...


Umm.. 1 each please. For the logo, you can search the web, and the kawaii girl,
Hair: Two black pigtails.
Eyes: Kawaii blue
Clothes: A white school uniform, with a blue frilly skirt, and a blue tie. If you'll do the legs then white tights and black shoes
Extras: A blue bracelet in r hand.


Someone please give me a full request that isn't incredibly vague and fulfills all the requirements? Anyonez?


Maybe add a request form and the requirements onto the first post? :0

It might give the people the guidance and tell them (not really directly lol) that they need to create a good, detailed request, you also will get most of the information you need! XD

I love this idea! It's so cool. :0


I kind already did but ok, I added one.


I meant like something form or something to describe the appearance of the character they want on the sticker to you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
At least something to tell them what details you need. :D


Ooh ok cool! Did that as well.