Customized Badges(?)


I saw somebody (specifically @Razor) that has customized text in their badge area (like the one on the right in your username?). How can I do that? I wanna do that.

Here's the pic:


Oh about that.. Okay I think about 3 or 4 days ago was DOS and special event for LGBT people and who support it.
@Kiwicute2016 was only doing LGBT titles but stopped doing them so it was a limited edition thing.
Sorry :(


Okay. So let's think I have one. Um.... How can I select it? (I really want to learn)


No you can't


You can't, Kiwicute was able to give people some because she's a moderator.


Well you will have a thing on your profile called tags and click on it and you can change to Regular title. You can't swap with these titles though


I have to wait until I'm regular before I'm actually able to remove it. But that's alright.

  1. I do support LGBT+
  2. I get regular if I'm active for two more days (So excited!)


Huh. I really want to but I will not ask an admin for one. Thanks for telling me!