Customizable tabs in Hopscotch?

What if Hopscotch had customizable tabs?

If this feature existed, there could be a tab you can customize. That way you can choose which users appear. Basically, this would be a selective following tab.

Adding on to that, maybe with this feature you could switch which tabs you want to see first and POSSIBLY be able to delete certain tabs (i.e some of the # tabs.)

This would improve user experience in Hopscotch, rather than code. It would also though help some users see the serious coders better in a tab for inspiration and to help them learn, rather than having anyone they followed to scroll through.

I would find this helpful. What do you guys think?


Like the people in the hsac could put the newest and following tabs at the front cause i think i lot of people check those a lot to talk and stuff
And like customizable tabs could be like, if you wanted to merge rising, top games, excellent, and masterpieces all into one thing you could do that


that would be a great idea, especially since there are so many tabs and it’s hard to get to the one you want to see!

wait what’s a hsac


I’ve actually had this idea before.
My problem is that I follow so many users that my following tab is completely crowded and cluttered, it’s very hard to actually see or find certain users’ projects.
While that’s my fault for following so many people, it would definitely be nice to have a customizable tab to keep track of all my most watched users.

Hopscotch Art Community.


Something similar to this maybe could be a notification bell like on YouTube that you could turn on for certain creators to get notifications when they post. But I definitely agree this is a great idea and I hope something of the sort will be implemented


or maybe add a filter by user(s) option in the following tab?


That would work too.