Custom Thumbnails for Subscribers (How would it work? How could it be implemented?)


So it came up recently again about the idea for custom thumbnails in Hopscotch. Honestly in my opinion there are positives but also a lot of negatives.

How would it work?
Pretty much you hit publish and it would bring you to a new screen where you can make your own thumbnail for your project, after you are done the next you hit publish again, and it publishes your project with e custom thumbnail you made! The thumbnail creator should probably be a drawing pad, and you can add shapes and characters!
Other ideas:Maybe you can choose to have a custom thumbnail or not
Problems with this:
Trail Artists won’t be able opt show their Trail art in the thumbnail
Artist ps won’t be able to show their art
Would the remix bar still show?

How could it be implemented?
Adding something like this into Hopscotch could cause big problems with clickbait, because people can make an awesome looking project, but then when you open it it could turn out to be something completely else. And if you made an awesome game, but you couldn’t really make a good thumbnail, maybe people won’t want to play it.

So what are your opinions?

  • I agree with us all the way!
  • I agree with it for the most part
  • I am half and half
  • I disagree for the most part
  • I disagree with this all the way!
  • I have some other opinion(please say what it is)

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  • The custom thumbnail should have a drawing pad
  • The custom thumbnail should allow you to add shapes and characters
  • There should be an option to not do a custom thumbnail
  • The custom thumbnail should have something else too(please say)

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What’s thumbnail?



The thumbnail is the little picture that previews your project


What? The screenshot?


Yeah the screenshot…


Maybe you could choose whether or not to create one? And maybe make it subscribers only? That might help with some of the clickbait :thinking::smiley:


Noo now that you say it they will add it in subscription only :ok_hand:


Yeah…because right now the subscription isn’t that compelling to buy, adding more features would be good


I think it should be similar to YouTube, they require certain authorization and stuff to use custom thumbnails.


I guess… if you want a custom thumbnail you might just create a picture on your project for like a split second and quickly publish with that


Yeah but for that they would most likely need to hire someone new because they are already really busy :000


The player has tons of bugs from 2016 that needs to be fixed first


It could be a computerized requirement.


Yeah that is tue…I am still running into the bug where the object chooser doesn’t appear


That would be cool, how would it work?


What? Screenshot?


Yeah that would seem hard to make…maybe limiting what you can put in it


Idk, you’d need _ views or something to be able to use it.


I can’t reproduce it…sorry…wait let me link the topic


Oh yeah, that happened to me for the first time last week.