Custom thumbnail exploit!


as soon as i noticed the program files in the files app, i knew there would be a custom thumbnail exploit! here it is!



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sorry, converting my video about it into a gif is proving difficult!


There’s a Siri shortcut to convert it, but it has to be under 10 seconds (I think) or the gif won’t upload.


i used a general file converter to get the full length video, you will probably see it within one minute of this post.

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oh, i’ll find a place to leave a link.

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finally, I found a link!
(just transfer it to the files app first)


Wow, amazingly well done! I am going to see if I can transfer this into a Siri shortcut later (and give you credit of course).


It does show a name I think, in the link

But cool!


Great find! However, this goes away when you publish the project. I have experimented with this multiple times in the past to no success


It says I need permission. (Just use the website

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at least it makes it possible to get a general idea of what one of your drafts could be (if you have many of them). :wink:


A gif will be a good way to show it!

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Yeah, depends on organization and how many drafts you have and named


you can find a gif about this at:

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Good luck with figuring out the encryption for (project name ==> filename)
I have a Project called Penguin, and the filename is 10291mhrdd .

Edit: It could just as equally be random.

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Well, I’m not sure if I can automate everything, the user might still have to input some things themselves. But I hope that most steps in this process can be automated! :slight_smile:

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It still says I need access. And I don’t want to request it because it will show you my email.


maybe you could get the user to upload the thumb file they want changed, and get the filename through that method!