Custom Tags Without Custom Groups



Perfect! Thanks a ton for that! I’m not good with this style stuff, would’ve never noticed! :grinning:


Works now! Thanks! Yay!


I edited Post 1 and I put that into “Important Stuff to Remember” because the quotes default to that on some devices **hmm** iOS and most people don’t really notice that. In the end, you helped me as well! Thank you :+1:


No probem! If people ask where to find them, there under smart quotes if you just hold them down if you didn’t know.



(yes I knew that but thank you)


Thank you for fixing my grammar. They’re is one I have trouble with.


Their is posessive, use it when saying “their item”, they’re is a contraction for “they are”, and there describes location


Ahh. That makes sense. Thanks.


Thanks, this is a really cool topic!!


This seems like more effort than just listing the mentions.


Lol yeah…


Awesome job at finding this and for taking time to make such an excellent tutorial! Well done! :slight_smile:


It is a little more effort (the top and bottom few rows), but it is for those people who just like the feel of having something that looks just like an actual group. It’s also not too much of a difference in effort when you can copy and paste it.


Depending on the usernames, you probably won’t even need 16 <small> tags most of the time


How do you do that and can you make one for me as I don’t won’t my brother to be bosting about he has one. Thanks


It’s in the first post.



You can also make fully invisible tags and use this to create something like @trust_level_5 (non-existent) in a normal sentence without having it take up a new line.

Do the same trick, but put an image of a white square at the end


Awesome! That is an improvement, definitely.