Custom tags request / acrostic poems requests!



Hello everyone ! I am here to say that I am going to make custom tags ! Just tag me as @Silverdolphin and just tell me which tag you want !

Ps : If Indo not accept your tag , I apologise a lot !


Btw it only works in #lounge and #Collabs

Oh this is Collabs...


I'm not sure j see the point in this :thinking: Are you talking about the tags under titles? Because everyone can do that themselves :sweat_smile: Or are you talking about the tags under your username? Because only mods can do that and they don't rank requests!


I maw tags under titles ! Only regulars and above can do it soo I am offering to make rather for members and new users !


I'm pretty sure members can add tags to their own posts, but not others posts.


They can add tags , but I am offering to make tags for them


Does it work in Bugs?


It does I think at least ! Would you like a tag ?


I'm at Regular so I can make them myself, but thanks for the request!


Your welcome ! Thanks for telling me you are a regular !