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I was hoping to add custom sounds to my game, or just like sound files from the internet or something, to have a larger selection of options. I noticed some people were already discussing this topic. It seems that because this app is for kids people are worried about allowing them to use custom sounds.

Even through this app is for kids, maybe there could be a way to confirm your age and access a different ‘adult’ version of the program, not like an R rated version lol, but just a ‘less limited’ or less restricted version, the non-parental control version so to speak. Some people are old enough / mature enough to handle their own sounds lol.

I suppose this is a ‘request’, but i just through i would put it out there. This is a cool app, i have made lots of games effortlessly that i frankly thought i never could make.


This is a pretty cool idea, except even adults and mature people could accidently share something that they shouldn’t share, like personal info. It would also be hard to moderate what people say or use as a sound. They could use a word they shouldn’t use (like one of the censored words on the forum) and without moderation that probably wouldn’t be too great (this is supposes to be basically a kids app)
I would like to see something like it, if what I mentioned above wasn’t a problem.

@Lisa, @Ana, @Asha, @Rodrigo, @awesomeonion, you guys might be interested in @zwiebelz’s idea

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Maybe they could have the sounds checked by sending through a file for the moderators to listen to.


Hey, I totally agree that this would be super helpful. I can only imagine the weird and wonderful sounds people would create :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hopefully we can offer this to you someday, but it’s not on our immediate roadmap. And you are right, among other reasons, we’d have to make sure that all the sounds were safe, which is a huge undertaking! Thanks for your feedback thouh, means a lot to us!


I thought we could request the sound to be reviewed for the first time someone uses it, then it’s put into a sound library for everyone to use


I wish they would just add more sounds in general. For example, adding piano notes to go along with the xylophone notes there currently is. Idk why but I just don’t like the sound of the xylophone. Or if we could pick what note we want, and then choose the instrument in the code.


You just insulted my xylophone version of ode to joy.


Or maybe you could have a wide selection of sounds and be able to create a custom soundtrack, made of not-inappropriate sounds! Like in a moviemaking computer game…which is either not available on an iPad and only on computers or they took it of the website.


You could create your own sound waves.


@Ana, This :point_up:

This way the review effort is reduced and periodic.


Yeah, I totally understand. Maybe you could just start by increasing your database? You could use Freesound’s API v2 to search for sounds and filter them so that you only get sounds requiring no attribution. They don’t have a filter for explicit and non-explicit sounds though…