Custom signs and speech bubbles for projects!


With any text! The street signs and speech bubbles have transparent backgrounds so they are perfect to use in

  • Projects
  • avatars (I'm making a avatar with these)
  • post them on the forum (for unsubscribers)
  • use them has profile pics on the forum! (For unsubscribers)
  • anything else you desire!

Just tell me what text and if you would like a street sign, or a speech bubble.

A profile pic I made myself:


What are those?


So when you put them In a project, there won't be a background behind them, it will just be the sign.

It just looks better. Basically the background is invisible so you only see the sign!


Oh, ok! As of now, i dont need anything cause i dont have the subsciption. But if i get, i will probably ask you for something! :D


Yay, thanks!


The un-subscribers won't be able to use this though.
Liza said they won't be able to remix from these.


Umm.. Sry?

I guess people who don't subscribe could use them on the forum tho.



@snoopy, some things you can do!


Can you make me a street side that says
'Penguin Road' please? I'm making an interactive hodgepodge with stuff I like/like to do. I think this would be cool and add a cute touch!


Yep, coming right up! :blush:


Also, a bit off topic, I saw your pizza game with the speech bubbles and I really liked it!


Thank you so much!




Thanks a bunch!


Is this what you use?




I think I'll use it in some of my projects. (I would request, but then I would have to request about 100 times)




What app is that? :0