Custom rules not being fully removed in JSON file

My draft has these 3 rules:

I have deleted all of the custom rules and blocks. None of the other objects have any rules. Those are the only blocks I have ever added.

However, when I look into the JSON file, it is unusually large. Here is the list of “rules”, which are basically the Whens

16 keys are a lot for a project with only 3 When rules. The rules match up with the rules in the custom rules, although there are not all of them.

Looking at the “abilities” (basically blocks), there are 57. There should only be 3.

See also:

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What program do you use to access the JSON file?


Well you download it to your computer then to view it well use a program for that.

There was one online where you upload the fule and not it display s it’s like on the picture.

Probably a few like that.

A standard text editor should work for viewing the file, but if you want to sort the data like in the picture, that one is

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That is weird, thank you for reporting it. I hope that THT sees this as soon as possible and that they could try to fix it, and I know that they will do that. Does this happen on one draft or a lot of drafts?

Well I think we found out pretty much nothing fully deletes…

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