Custom rules don’t work in older games (before webplayer 1.5)

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iPad (6th Generation)
Software version: 15.3.1
Hopscotch version: 3.49.0
1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):
I was playing some games in the “masterpieces” tab, and some of the games are completely broken. None of the tiles will load in Bear’s adventure, and Breakout v1.1 is going all sorts of crazy.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Play an old project (I don’t know what version) that utilizes clones (in the app, web explorer still works perfectly fine)
  2. The titles will literally have disappeared from existence

I expected this to happen:
The games to play normally
But instead this happened:
The clones didn’t exist or load correctly or something
Here’s a sweet screenshot:


Thanks a lot for making this report and including those projects.

We’re putting out a fix soon for nested custom rules — custom rules inside other custom rules — in older player versions (before 1.5.x)

At the moment, there’s a bug where nested custom rules in those older player versions aren’t able to be activated.

Both Break Out and Bear’s Adventure are on an older webplayer version (1.0.14). I do see that they both have nested custom rules, e.g. Bear’s Adventure has the level and block data in nested custom rules, and Break Out has collision code in nested custom rules.


I think it might be ALL custom rules. I played a project of mine on 1.2.x, and no custom rules fired. I think this is because of the player trying to read the custom rule ID from customRuleInstances and NOT using the ID from customRules as a fallback.

(This project has no sound on the app)


Huh, Stuff like this has been happening to me too in old projects.
(also welcome to, um, posting on the forum!)


The fix for nested custom rules, in projects before webplayer 1.5, has been released at least:

I’ve tested these projects and they seem to be working as intended again

And the sound loads again on the app for this:

I’ll check some more projects. Anyone feel free to let me know about projects that are still not working.


I think that’s because the sound was dependent on the custom rule but glad a fix for that has been pushed

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I will close this topic since the fix for custom rules in older projects has been released now. But feel free to flag to request re-opening, if there are issues still occurring.

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