Custom rule inputs overwrite each other

1 sentence description of the problem: If you have multiple instance of a custom rule with different inputs, every custom rule will run with the input of the last one.

This is an example. It also is run out of order. See Custom rules completely ruin the order that rules are run in


Any idea when this will be fixed? I’m wanting to use custom rules to arrange objects in a level (so each object is a clone and its properties are given as inputs to a custom rule) but all the objects are ending up in the same place.


We currently don’t have an exact timeline for when this will be fixed, unfortunately. It’s definitely an issue we would like to fix.

I’m sorry in regards to your project in the meantime – that sounds like a really cool use case. There have been some bugs with custom rules on this front (local variables in nested custom rules bubbling to outer rule) and room for improvement (custom rules only read the initial values of variables and not ongoing value)