Custom Picture Mashup!


Do you need a screensaver for your phone or iPad? Do you want it unique and customized? I can make them for you! I make them on Hopscotch, so it's related. Here's a picture of mine:

Just make a list of things that you like. List about 7 or 8 things and I'll finish it in a bit.

Waiting list:




i may request a little later!!!!!!!!!




Woah! I want one! :3

  1. Snoopy
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Unicorns
  4. Penguins!
  5. Ice Cream!
  6. Drawing
  7. Pink!
  8. Cotton Candy


Okay! I'll make that!


I'm going to give you pink cotton candy because if I added a big blob of pink, it might look a bit strange.


I'm okay with that! :D


How's this? You can tell me if you want me to take something out or add anything!


I love it! It matches me perfectly!


What's a screensaver :stuck_out_tongue:


A picture on your home screen of your iPhone, iPad or computer.


Snoopy, thanks so much for requesting! I was afraid that nobody was going to!!


Can I request one :0
I like:
- fashion
- swimming
- Cool colors (blue, purple, turquoise, etc)
- books



Okay! I'll work on it!


Can I get one? Form:

  1. Minions (just regular ones)
  2. Candy!
  3. Ice cream
  4. HS logo
  5. Sprite
  6. Colored Sharpies
  7. Kitties
  8. Penguins

Thank you! Please do it!

I want one please.
  1. Lego ninjago
  2. Pigs
  3. Pineapples
  4. Sunglasses
  5. iPads
  6. Hopscotch
  7. Grey
  8. Sensei Garmadon (Lego ninjago)
  9. Lord Garmadon (he's black and has four arms)
  10. White Pythor (Lego ninjago)
  11. Fire
  12. Penguins


There ya go JaggedJeans!


:sunglasses: Deal with it


Cool thanks :D

That was fast :stuck_out_tongue: