Custom Objects!(Could it work? How could it be implemented?)


Hi I am back with another topic about something that would be helpful in an upcoming update.
Custom Objects
So what are custom objects?
Custom Objects are objects that you could place that already have your custom code inside of it. It would similar to custom blocks and custom Rules which are currently in Hopscotc. Since Custom Rules have zoomed out from custom blocks and have allowed you to use conditionals in them, this could zoom out that idea even more!
How could it be implemented?
Just put it in front of behind the objects in the objects pop up. This would be helpful if you needed to make a lot of one object all with the same job. And it could be used by beginners too. Because advanced coders know how to use clones to do whatever they want. This, is just like Cloning, except for beginners.
Any negatives?
Since this would probably replace a lot of cloning projects, beginners might never learn how to use clones properly.

Thanks for reading! Reply with any add ones and whether or not this should be added into Hopscotch!
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Definetly, great idea!! I think it should be added… it would make things a lot easier to code, and people would be able to code bigger projects. And better. Cos people just can’t be bothered to do stuff. Like they might have lasers and they don’t know how to do clones, they could just put in a whole load of the same block. I could go on forever. Anyway great idea!!


but if they all have the same code, isn’t it exactly like clones except that you have to make each one individually?


With clones it is more productive but harder to learn and more limited.


Clones aren’t more limited than individual objects.


They are harder to use for beginners


This is a really good idea and I think that it would be really cool to have in Hopscotch! Thank you for posting this idea!