Custom name things?



I seen people with different things next to there name instead of things like "Regular" and "Leader". I've also seen members have it. For example, look beside @Kiwicute2016 and @Holly_Aarmau's name. They have custom things.

I was just wondering how you do that. Thanks for any help!


I think Kiwicute2016 does something.


Only @Kiwicute2016 can do that. (They are called titles)


Leaders can do it when ever they what
Regulars can't but @Kiwicute2016 gave them to some people yesterday


Ok. I just saw somebody that was a member that had one so I was just wondering... Thanks!


She can, but she has stopped! (;-;)


She did it for DOS


Only moderators can change this setting.
KiwiCute made a topic for titles for DOS.
I asked for one. :3


Ok. @Stick88


Leaders can't, only mods!

Uhhhhhh 20202020? I meant to do < xD


We're title twins? XD


Lol yeah...
I kinda copied you....


I'm famous!:slight_smile:


I is even moar famous cuz he tagged meh and I'm in the middle.
lol xD