Custom Made Animated Gifs



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Who wants a custom made gif?


Just say whatever you want I'll do the best I can


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How do you make them?
I use Tynker to make an animated sprite.
Then record the PC screen as video.
Then covert the video to an animated gif.


I just draw the pictures frame by frame


Cool :D
What program do you use to make these???
I use fire alpaca when I make gifs


There some apps that let you do this right?
I'm not sure​:confused:
Cool topic!
I might think of signing the form later.


I just draw pictures frame by frame using any animation software that I have in front of me

There are apps that let you "cheat" by doing most of the work for you


Wait what type of animation?
I always wanted to animate but I couldn't find any animating apps


For your iPad you could use Easy Animate


Oh so what about the animation on YouTube like BFDI objectoverload ect.


For that you'd need something on the computer like Adobe Flash.

You probably don't want to fork out a whole load of money though, so I recommend just using Macromedia Flash which is now free in the Adobe website

I made this video using Macromedia Flash and a computer mouse:

Haha, I just keep editing this post


Okay thanks!


All good! Here's what you do:

It's completely legal and supported by Adobe


Can you make a Pokemon one for me ????



I'll give it a go!

Let's see what I can do...





Tell me when you have made it !!


I feel terrible, because I never got this done.



That’s okay, even though it is like 2 years later!