Custom Avatars? (Thinking Of New Fresh Ideas Every Time!)


Love it! I would still probably be bird though :confused:


Maybe THIS will change your mind
Add ISNBN's 3D effect (add the HSB of the hopscotch wallpaper)
and modify bird in another project!


This is such a great idea I feel like it deserves more than a like. So here:
I can't think of a bad thing about it!
I mean, granted, there could be some inappropriate drawings, but they would be reported immediately on the projects!
Only projects that have not been reported could be used as your profile picture, I assume..


What if, we. Could. Insert gifs as our hopscotch avatar?


That goes back to my original statement.
I feel like nothing out of hopscotch should be uploaded on the app.
Sorry if I sound strict, but I think my idea can work!
And it also encourages other people to make "better" projects if they want a cooler profile pic!


But again, you still could draw something innapropriate and set it as ur avatar, so that might not work as. Well


But it gets reported immediately anyways, since the community is usually alert about stuff like that


Maybe add a "report profile pic"
If something DOES escape our eyes?


I mean, we should add a report user. This way, if he/she has an innapropriate pic, than we can report him/her.

Report profile pic is silly, because people can just draw bad stuff on a draw pad.


Ok, my idea with its new features that I just added:
We get the option between the default avatars, or we can crop a pic of the thumbnail of our own project and set it as our avatar
This can work because
A.) people will be working harder to achieve an awesome profile pic through "better " projects
B.) their can never really be bad profile pics, since the community takes care of reporting pretty well

If something DOES escape our eyes
Just add the Report User, which is an option that we've been needing for a LONG time anyways


Luv The Face!!!!!!!!! (And I'ts Also A Good Idea)


@admins we need your approval


I've seen something inappropriate in Hopscotch (a remix of Creativity101's "Make Cookies" but uses the pouring in batter part wrongly and says an old inappropriate vine for little kids in the title) and it was up for 4 minutes until it got removed. 4 minutes, you see? It took 4 minutes for someone to report it, and that isn't good or immediate.
Also, the resolution for the avatar would be ... if it was a cropped picture of a thumbnail. Why not add a feature that lets you take a screenshot of the whole project (though you can zoom in and out) instead of a little thumbnail after at least 30 minutes after the project has been posted?


Cropping a picture usually automatically zooms in/out, so I don't think they have to worry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Then I talked about Report User button, so that problem is solved
And what @Follow4LikesOfficial said about the cropping "issue"


OR We Can Have A Feature Where You Can Create A Custom Avatar And Also Use Your Forum Avatar As Your Hopscotch Avatar!!!!