Custom Avatars? (Thinking Of New Fresh Ideas Every Time!)


Hey Guys. I'm Just Saying If We Can Have Custom Avatars (On The App, Not The Fourm) Hopscotch Is Thinking Of Some New Avatars, But This Idea Will Make The Update More Awesome!


Nope nope nope and nope
I'm sorry, but some hopscotchers are not mature enough to have the ability to make their own avatars.
This would just make the community worse
Sorry, but if the community was more mature, this idea would be great!


Well... I'll Think Of A Way To Let Square One People Make Some Custom Avatars.


but people have custom avatars on the forum and its just fine


You Know What? Im Going To Flag My Own Topic. The Reason Is Because I Am Having A Hard Time Here, Guys!


Cool idea! This might not happen for a while since hopscotch recently released the new profile picture, and as @OrangeScent1 said some people on hopscotch might use this not responsibly.


You know what? This sounds cool! But, we would definitely need some way to filter the images (so people don't choose inappropriate things).


I emailed the hopscotch team. They didn't respond yet lol. What if you could make your own avatars? That's a GREAT idea. But... Like @OrangeScent1 said, it would probably be done if the community were more mature. But how... How do we do this? Well the answer is really simple. mods. Hopscotch says they have almost 0 mods right now! That's awful, because no one can flag something inappropriate. We need more Moderators and flaggers to do this thing.


People on the forum are more mature, as they come here to take their love for coding to the next level


They have moderators, and are adding more when the iPhone version comes out


Than what the hopscotch team can do is give a lot of choices and what I mean by that is something like the mii maker on the wii,wii u,3ds,3ds xl,new 3ds you get the point.


Sorry if I wasn't being clear. Mods like Yummy Muffin and others all left last year.


They are adding more soon I MAY BE ONE GET ON YO FEET WOOOO!!!


t1 is also a mod on hopscotch too!


Good idea! Because a have a weird feeling that role players and FNAF fans might choose a inappropriate picture (plz don't flag this)


Maybe choose from the characters too? Like how it used to be?


Ok. I Guess...........


Oh, I have an idea!
Give the default characters as an option, but then be able to choose any projects you've done, coding and art, crop it, and make it your profile!


Best idea ever! You could make a project your avatar


I'm full of 'em :sunglasses:
JK :joy: