Custom art tab?



Anyone know what this custom art tab is? I just saw it now and I’m wondering how long it’s been there.


I think it’s literally a tab to post art

What now @Aariv


It’s for the subscription, all projects with a image or drawn image go on there :))


Oh neat


It’s been there for about a week.

It seems to be a vaguely trending-style tab for all projects using custom art. Or just a random order. The second option seems more likely.

EDIT: Apparently I wasn’t clear enough, I assumed everyone’s know that Hopscotch calls all images custom art now. @aariv


It’s for subscription? Why does it say art there? I saw a couple of projects involving pictures.


Oh,ok. Thanks for making that clear.


Thanks can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier if it’s been there that long!


I didn’t notice that new channel, but now I know what it is for and that it has been created.


Yeah, even I was wondering this. It is a new tab. I think, as others said, it is kind of like a trending for art-related projects.


I wonder if part of the reason they made the custom art tab was to sort of fix the issues with trending or maybe it was only just created to promote projects done with the subscription