Cursor should not move to bottom of list of rules after deleting operators

It’s ok if there isn’t enough info yet – just made an initial report here so we can add more info later on.


Thank you.

If I find a way to consistently reproduce the issue, I’ll let you know.


I finally caught the bug on video.

Bug Description:

Cursor moves to bottom of list of event operators after deleting operators and/or variables from any of the parameters in the “characters between” text operator.

I tried all other operators, and this seems to be the only time it occurs.


An update on this: it also happens when deleting a custom ability and custom rule from the keyboard (even when you’re not in the rule with that ability).


1 sentence description of the problem: whenever a custom code or custom rule is deleted, the cyan selector thing teleports to the lowest possible position in the code.
steps to reproduce the problem every time:

  1. put some stuff in an object’s code
  2. put the selector not at the bottom
  3. delete a custom block [the default ones work too]

i expected this to happen: the block deletes, & the selector stays in the same place it already was
but instead this happened: the selector teleports to the lowest possible position [which may be different depending on whether or not you’re in “bird’s eye” view]

i’ll be honest, i’ve actually known about this bug for a while, but it’s so negligibly minor that i really just never reported it. but today i thought, “hey that bug. yeah i should probably report it.” so yeah, here we are.


device details:


This is somewhat similar to this:

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