Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



Okeedokes. This is officially another big downer

@Liza @moderators @Rodrigo

Apparently our bully situation has multiple alt accounts. I do believe that since I’ve seen 3 of them. Would you mind suspending the accounts? Thanks a bunch

50 users have voted to have this account(s) suspended. Let’s keep going!




sorry nvm i just feel like he is someone else on the forum

jokes it isnt you dont hurt me


i know wheremstve you live


whomst’d’ve told you


I want to thank everyone for your participation in voting. With your help, ihaveexpectations/xse/hnu has been removed from the forum.

Thank you, @Liza and THT!


Yay, now we can tag them all we want


@xse @hnu @ihaveexpectations


Would you mind unlounging my topics? Thanks so much!

(Especially the [new] Numberphile Topic, I needed something from there)

Thank you so much


Ok, I will go and do that now, brb


Hey everyone. Xse is back, but under the name Healeybot1

Somehow, he bypassed the system and created a new username, with the same username as Healeybot1.

If you find Healeybot1 swearing at you or at hnu, it is not the real Healeybot1. Or is a phony!

Here’s proof! Click on both tags to see the difference, even though the names are the same and the profile pics are the same!

@Healeybot1 @HeaIeybot1

The one on the left is the real one

The one on the right has an uppercase “i” as the “L” in Healeybot1, and was created 23 hours ago



Also their player card background is different


How did he get to your email?


Just block him, this is also why I used a spam email I specifically made for the forum, people can send anything they want to it, I am not going in there


My goodness :expressionless:


This has gotten WAY out of hand.


:wave: <- No more :frowning:

Yes, it really has. We need to all send an email to Liza at the same time. That’d be interesting


There is no permanent way to get him off the forum


I guess so :man_shrugging:


Now we are at 5 different accounts

I can’t edit it in. I gotta wait until 2:30 something