Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



Hopefully he’ll just get bored after a while.


I hope so. It’s absolutely irritating

We need some more leaders on the Forums to help take care of situations like these


So, uh,, that’s probably all we are gonna hear from them tonight I guess. I am going to sleep or something.

See y’all later :ok_hand: Okeedokes!


Hey guys. Guuuuess what!

I contacted the big guys at discourse and they said that this situation is not under their control. Oh well, it was worth a shot


The problem is that he can’t be banned for good or by IP, because he knows how to change his IP address. :///


how is it not under their control. this is their forum.


Yeah, I am not sure. I think only admins can suspend, but they are leaders on here. Not admins


Happy new year! Next year will be a year without bullyin\g!!


We should just leave him alone in the new year, maybe he’ll get bored and leave…
Happy new year!


isnt?? it?? the?? same?? thing??

they actually host theforum soo


Love the way how in a nanosecond he makes a new account?!?


hes had it, ive seen it somewhere, theres no way it was verified that quickly


Yea but can’t he have a break? Does he understand that he was suspended for a reason?



i seriously feel like he is another user like

@anonymous seems like he would know the gentoo meme :thinking:slight_smile:
jk sorry dont hurt me


I think the Forum Apocalypse is temporarily over, until January 8th, when xse gets unsuspended, unless if he bullies people with his other account


Nope. hnu is xse. Let’s go show him who’s boss.


Yeah that is what I meant about the other account, I just couldn’t remember the name


Nope. Hnu has officially appeared :(


Thanks everyone for voting on this topic! It really means a lot!

Out of 50 users, 45 agree that this user should be banned for their acts.


ah great I was gone and weve got some bullys… Never leave the forum…