Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



Yep, exactly what I was thinking. That really is too bad

I saw that it said he had read 33 min recently so I asked him
and Healeybot asked him a little less subtly but you know, it’s ok

I really do think it is too much of a coincidence

And there’s this person called “123” and I’m pretty sure he’s related as well since “hmu” liked his post

We really are sorry, hmu if you aren’t. This really is a big bad misunderstanding


Hey, we can’t make assumptions like that just yet. Although what you’re saying adds up, we aren’t sure and should see if he starts any trouble before doing anything that might upset/offend him.

(I’m not mad in this post or saying to calm down, I’m just giving my opinion)


Yes. Absolutely.


Woah. Double nice day.



sounds dark

how pleasant


did he come at you repeatedly? ;PP




ah yes dude

I remember when you made that ;D


Wow, this topic got a lot of attention for being like, the 5th bullyin.g Awarness topic


Ikr. I’ve been waiting forever.


I know, right! I’m super happy about this! Thanks everyone!


But his account was made in July? Or maybe he wants member so he can see what posts he missed?



Is it just me or did hnu delete all their posts?


He did… that’s actually really suspicious.


Yeah, it is. We were hoping that it wasn’t just an alt account, but there’s a lot of evidence pointing to it that it is.. Quite a bummer.


It is:
I don’t want to quote him because he’ll come in this topic and abuse people. Look at your other topic on the new numberphile topic…


He just confirmed he is an alt. Remember, if he starts posting bad stuff, just flag his posts, do not reply, then move on. He just is here for the reactions, which we won’t give him.

@Stal98 @Healeybot1


I just saw.
This is terrible.
Let’s do this.

Actually, now they have 4 or 5 accounts in total. So far


You reckon Noisy is also him?


Most definitely
This situation is getting more and more annoying