Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



there apparently was some dealio with docs? and rawrbear had some dark devastating secret

just goes to show im not the protagonist of this heckin charade, if i was i would know about it by now :////


Oh yeah! I remember that! Yeah, I remember when we all did like group stories on the docs. That was super awesome




who now


Yep, I thought about that when I posted it :joy:
I was seriously considering it to be conceiled or anonymous
and then I remembered your name was “anonymous” just to see your reaction. Haha, sorry, I’ll change it if you want me to


Oh YEAHHHH boooIIIiiii

Can I swear now? No jk


Haha, lol

On no! I missed my 100th post! Noooooo!


They’re gone yay
I can put away the swears for 2 weeks :DDD


i agree that this person should be banned, although i’d really suggest editing the list of items.

by making “calling people autistic” an offense, you’re essentially making being autistic an insult. which could easily have been solved if you included a point like “thinks autistic people aren’t people” or such like that.


Oh, you know what, you are totally right. I’m going to fix that


I changed it into:
• Calling Hopscotchers “autistic” as a derogatory term

Do you think that’s good?


yeah, i think that works!! thanks for doing that, haha ^^


How do you make a poll public.. Idk how


Trolls, trolls everywhere


Yeah, that can totally be misread if you didn’t know what I was talking about :joy:


[poll public=true]

and you can add other stuff like

[poll public=true type=multiple min=1 max=3] (public poll in which you can choose up to three options)


It says I can’t change it after 5 minutes. Oh well

Brb or gtg everyone. See y’all later!


I’s becoming clearer about who we are talking about so we should watch out.

Mayb put this in lounge so that it doesn’t cause flame wars?


I’m not a regular :confused: Aw man
But yes, if a flame ware is about to start, let’s put it in the lounge

The user got suspended until the 13th of January so I think we’ll probably be good for now, thanks!


Pretty sure the “hnu” guy is an alt. It’s too much of a coincidence… the default profile picture, three letters in the name, coming on right after xse got banned, and talking about math/calculus.