Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



sticks head in canal aggressively

the faith is gone. our hope is lost.


aggressively :joy: Yeah, pretty much


Yea Rodrigo came into a topic to asks what was happening when it was closed so we couldn’t anwser and then hasn’t been on since. The user closed 4 topics yesterday because of inappropriateness as well


i live life aggressively batting away everyone who cares about me and tries to help me because im secretly horribly ashamed of my failures and too prideful to accept help from ANYONE, including the people that won’t judge my pitiful state of being


thats just how i roll


Yeah, it’s been really tough trying to contact the mods. It’s a little frustrating to be honest, but hopefully it’ll be over soon.

Happy cake day by the way!


I waited to see the glasses fall down and then they landed and that was it. :joy:


Same we had a huge flame war about it yesterday just trying to get rid of the user


Yep. Apparently he blew up the math topic again today and I came an hour late. way to go, me
It’s not a fun time at all D:

Happy cake day by the way!



They got banned until Jan 13th! Thanks everyone for helping!


The user is really annoying me closing so many topics and being inappropriate

want some cake


They did :open_mouth:
goes and checks


Oh, yeah, I probably misread it

Yep, you right :joy:


theres this freaky-deaky blast of light afterwards as she ascends to the pinnacle of her so far very short and very successful career as a chainsaw-wielding vampire



Even though the user got banned, it’s only two weeks and once it’s done they’ll probably come back and, y’know, do what they did before


Yeah, most likely.
Oh well, at least we have 2 weeks of peace and quiet

Aaand.. I probably jinxed it

They were last seen like 30 mins ago. I’m assuming they voted idk


Huh. I see that


wasnt the forum’s trademark apoplectic scenario when the leaders left

we were all being melodramatic in calling it “the dark ages”

excelt like post-renessiance rather then pre-renessiance



wow thats finally nice! thank god!


Yep. I remember that

I think THT said it was because some people were misusing the leadership thing or something. Or maybe it was you needed to be 18. Something or other


I know right! It’s a super de duper relief!
Thnaks THT!