Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



Alrighty! Sounds goochie


yall a ban wont do anything…

if u user ban, new email

if u ip ban, man it takes like two minutes to get a new ip like

yall this is serious


The IP addreas thing works as well. They still won’t be able to create a new account. The Forum keeps track of the Serial Number of the device, so all they need to do is go onto a separate device to create the new account

We need more leader persons to monitor the forum. That’d be really nice


if its jailbroken iirc theres a way to change cid

pretty sure thats on android too


Yeah, I really hope they didn’t jailbreak their device. That’d be unnecessary


they mentioned they despise ios so

assuming it is gentoo like they said (o’deer gentoo) then it should be easy to change cid


Yeah, idk. It’s a real tough situation



eh idont think theyreally have gentoo though, thats a meme that is underused lol


Ah, ok


I believe I know who the person you’re referring to is, but the moderators cannot ban anyone without names.


like five people emailed them, and if they see this topic we can tell them


k coolio

honestly im the absolute done-est,, its time for that dude to get gone.



idk if my email went through or whatever


Yeah, i just didn’t want their name to be revealed right now. I’m sure that THT knows who we’re are talking about, but I haven’t heard from any of them in the past few months about this issue, except for t1 when she banned them, but now she’s gone :frowning:


even if urs didn’t, theres still like four other people who’ve probably emailed about the situation. i would’ve too if my email account hadn’t decided to take a spontaneous DUMP OF FAITH and shut down, leaving only a cackle and an abyss with the remainders of deleted emails floating languidly along. >:?



yeah mine is a mess, duolingo is annoying



heres 2 hoping were done with this mess soon… i might take a dump of faith as well soon



Dump of Faith?


A whole bunch of people have emailed THT as they aren’t responded. It’s kind of weird, like asking for help and they’re right there watching and it’s like: halp us please


duolingo is dominating ur email? power… :0

the duolingo owl is like my guardian angel except hes conspiring to make my life miserable


The dump of faith!