Current Bullyinġ on the Forum



Yeah, it really has been an irritating time
This user really messed up a few of my topics. Pretty upsetting stuff


New title for my GT:


stal98_was_here :joy:
I wish I still had regular to make those


I’ll make you one!!
What do you want it to say??


Hmmm.. I’ll have to think about it!
How about the_forum_apocalypse


could you make me one


Sure!! Tell me what you want it to be called!!




Can you add:
That’d be pretty awesome thanks


#kvjwashere hee hee


Oh my goodness! That’s actually a lot of topics :joy:


Done, do you like it??

@mondayundertaleyay what topic do you want me to put your tag on??
Give me the link to it


Yes!! That’s awesome sausages :ok_hand:


#photo_iz_awezomes yep yep yep


We’re probably gonna come back to this topic in like 2 years and we’ll go,
“I remember when people used to bully on hopscotch”


How did you lose regular??? We’re you inactive for a while?


Yeah, I went inactive for like 2 or 3 months I think. Yeah, oh well :confused: I’ll try and get it again!


Lol I just went in the lounge and the ■■■■■■■■ person had made a topic… they said you all probably know me for my “insightful and kind posts” on the forum… wow… anyway that topic was flagged


Yeah, some people moved it into the lounge so he couldn’t post on their anymore

It’s some real bad stuff


Anyways, I’m gonna go and play around on my GT