Current Bullyinġ on the Forum


NEW Special Note

Xse/Hnu strikes again, but this time FRAMING Healeybot1 in the [Old] Numberphile Topic (link coming soon)

However, even though the name and the profile pic look the same, the name is slightly off in the phony account:

Real account: @Healeybot1
Xse phony account @HeaIeybot1

In the Xse phony account, the “L” in Healy was changed to an uppercase “i”

Both letters look extremely similar l = I

Read more on this link: Forum Users Being Impersonated!

OLD Special Note

I want to thank everyone for your participation in voting. With your help, the user has been removed from the forum.

Thank you, @Liza and THT!

EDIT: They’re back..

Hello, Hopscotchers. As some of you may be aware, there has been some bullying on the forum. This bully is consistently attacking users and breaking many community guidelines. Therefor, I am asking The Hopscotch Forum Leaders to remove and/or ban this user.

I have chosen to keep this user’s name anonymous for now. Please do not post their name below. If the Hopscotch Team would like to know the user’s name, please ask us. The user may or may not want to reveal themself on this topic, and may choose whether or not they would like to be revealed.

Reasons for wanting this removal:
• Consistent Bullying
• Previous ban (Ban has only recently been lifted)
• Ignoring warnings from Leaders
• Loging into a separate account to avoid a ban and/or removal (7 Times) (I’m losing track of the counts)
• Frequently being off topic
• Attacking Hopscotchers and swearing at them
• Cyber threats towards Hopscotchers
• Vandalization of topics
• Calling Hopscotchers “autistic” as a derogatory term
• Frequently targeting certain mental disorders
• Posting multiple links and referring to very innaproprate sites
• Revealing personal information
• Impersonating HS Forum accounts and framing them
• Avoiding account removal by creating a new account
• This list can only go on

Here, I ask all Hopscotchers on the Forum to vote below that this user should be banned. Thank you very much for reading, this is an extremely serious topic:

  • Yes, this user should be banned
  • I would like to comment below on my point of view about this

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@OMTL @Liza @Rodrigo @moderators @awesomeonion @discourse @eviltrout @codinghorror

Thanks again everyone for taking the stand against bullying.

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it’s @moderators not @leaders lol
and this user
(yes I know who they are)
should be banned. I gave them 5 chances and they ruined all 5


Haha, thanks.
Yes, t1 had even talked to them about this and had been suspended. Once the suspension was relieved, though, they went straight back to breaking the Community guidelines.

I know it seems harsh to completely remove them (actually, I don’t know if it is possible or not), but I would rather keep the forum safe for children


@moderators please do something this is getting out of hand we just want the forum to be safe


well maybe we could suspend them for a few months??? idk


Yes, they should probably be suspended. I emailed yesterday:
Okay, I know it says urgent, but others have probably contacted you about this already. A certain forum user named (insert username here) has been causing trouble, which I am sure you have noticed. I have never emailed about a user before, but this has gotten rather extreme. Several topics have been closed and many people have been very aggravated. In my opinion, I feel that suspending this user might be the best thing for now so that the forum can be kept kid friendly. I understand that this is not my decision to make, but I would like you to consider it please.
Thank you for reading,


They had been suspended since May and then only recently got their ban uplifted. They waited for 5 months and won’t relent (And some of the bullet points on the list he had just done and wouldn’t have been on their if we had this back in May)


good job :3
hhhhh but why does they like aggravating peops


Awesome! We need all the support we can get


suspend them…a second???time???maybe???
hhh idk


Gobli emailed too. But, it’s the weekend.


we’re not going to sugarcoat our posts anymore. this has gone…too far


Um i dont think @moderators tags anyone


I’m actually not sure if an account could be removed. If it isn’t possible, suspension would be good. It doesn’t feel good to suspend/remove someone though :frowning: Like, we want to give them another chance, but they’ve already been given 3 (I mean 5) chances already. We need to stop them. It really is an unfourtunate situation


in my opinion, this user definitely needs to be banned.
they have started several flame wars and caused I believe 2 topics to be closed. this behavior should not be tolerated.


R.I.P me
I really want to know who this person is…

  1. They’ve been given 5 chances already


You can find them in a few on the math topics
hint hint: the [old] Numberphile topic


Ah his is all my fault and now everyone else is getting involved…why did I have to have that flame war?


2 topics closed
and one gone