Curation button in HS

Thought process: Whenever I see some BEAST projects, I wonder how come they didn’t get featured! A bunch of them usually take time and effort, and I usually wonder, how do they even get to the feature system. What is the process for it? Also, I am pretty sure that there are TWO curators, and they don’t have enough eyes to see every project that is made! I know that there is a topic in HSF for this (Nominate Your Project!) but not everyone is on the HSF.

What can we do?: I feel like there should be a section on Hopscotch, where you can submit projects that you want to see in the featured sections. Maybe there could be a button, in which you could click, Submit Project for Featured, but I don’t know. I feel like it may be a little necessary, since I didn’t know how to get a project to featured, until I saw the topic for it.

Why do we need this? How do you know it isn’t pointless? : Like I said, many people work for days on a project, and they wish it would be a little more recognized, but they then realize that it wouldn’t get recognized, and they get mad, and delete the project (My experience), and i wish that this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

**I say that we should add this to Hopscotch, but I don’t know. Its not up to me. But please take this into consideration, and post down below anything you feel like should be changed, or if you disagree, and tell me why!

If you guys can help, @Fenith, @Nobody, @Awesome_E, @tankt2016, anyone else?




I like the idea of a section in hopscotch where you could submit projects for curated, it makes sense for those who don’t have access to the forum/don’t want to join it

that deserves a topic but not the question, which could be asked in the leader q and a topic;)


Good question. Maybe the new featured/formerly game changers standards are still pretty high, and if you compare the projects on there to the ones curated, I’d say the standards for new featured are definitely high.
I think I’ve said something like this before, but what if rising was brought back and it was for good projects that are about the quality of the projects on old featured?


Lol I’ve gotten four projects curated already. Maybe give other, less known, peeps a chance.


Weeks often

Correct, but usually, i spend a huge amount of time dedicated on a project and I usually finish it in 3 days.

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I’ve spent 70+ hours on a project


What the h- I have taken max 17 hours, thats all.


Yes, the one other topic that used it was this one:


just to add on to my point:

i’ll talk to @FearlessPhoenix and we can see if there’s a way we can incorporate something like this into hopscotch, without maybe a totally new feature. just so it’s quicker. however, if you see a project that you think should be on the channels, please nominate it! Not only will it make the creator happy, but also makes our job easier to find new, cool projects! they don’t have to be the best of games either, if they’re simple (but not too simple) and fun, great, it’ll gain the recognition it deserves at least in the nominations topic! Thank you everyone!


hey there!
made some nice points here- and some cool ideas :sunglasses:

I think this is definitely worthy of a topic- as you suggest an addition to hopscotch!

could you perhaps change the title so it makes it clearer it’s about a suggestion for hopscotch?


How do i change the topic title?


I don’t think you can since you’re Member, but if you say what you want the topic title to be, I could change it for you?


oh sorry I didn’t realise you couldn’t edit, just choose a title- and me or someone else can change it!


Ok! Ummmm (thinking) Ok!

Curate button should be a thing in HS?

Or maybe,

You should have the ability to suggest curation for projects in HS?


Oh also, you have some nice ideas here.

Silvie and I are working on a lil something inspired by this :)) it won’t be a built in system like you suggested, but it’s better than nothing


both sound pretty cool- but which one?
never mind- nice change!


@FearlessPhoenix already did it. What i wanted thanks!


How’s that? Just rephrased it a bit so it sounds more like an idea/suggestion instead of a question

Edit: oh lol nvm.
You’re welcome!