Cupcakemaniac1's general topic! (・ω・)ノ(≧∇≦)



Hoi there hopscotchers!
This is just a general topic about me. I can get feedback on mai lastest projects and give updates on randomness and talk to you guys in general!
Please, no bullyin.g here. I want this topic to be a nice place! :yum:

Mai frens:

Talk to you guys later!


hi :D
how are you?


I'm great, thanks!
How are you doing?


I'm good

except from the part WHERE THERE IS A SPIDER IN MY ROOM but nvm

What are you making in hopscotch at the moment?


I do drawing most of the time. I'm not a very good coder but I have coded an art pad from a bug that I had from a different project! :wink:


Also, don't worry! I don't like spiders either!


I'm utterly scared of them...


Cool! I like drawing as well! Do you draw outside of Hopscotch? Also if you need help with art pads ask me anytime :D


I draw tons (I am Australian) outside of hopscotch but I have never really taken art classes. And sure! I'll call for help when I need!


Cool! Do you draw on paper on on the iPad? I've never taken art classes either :stuck_out_tongue: I'm too poor XD


Here is a sample of mai art...


I kinda draw on both, but I think I am better on paper.


Woah! That's awesome! Also a topic to post all your art is the drawing topic, here's the link :D


Ok... I'm not that good tho....
Btw, I just followed you!


You are really good! Don't deny it. XD
I followed you as well! You have an awesome account:)


Oh thanks!
You too


I also added you to mai frens list


No problem:D
And the ramen drawing is making me really hungry XD
Thanks for adding my to your friends list, you are super awesome :D


Thanks for all the encouragement!


mai fav food is ramen.
What's yours?