Cupcake.maniac Leaving Hopscotch


Dear Hopscotch,
I am posting this to inform you that I am leaving Hopscotch. This is not because of anyone's actions, it's because:
I don't have time for Hopscotch anymore. This school year, I have many academic goals I want to make happen. I really love Hopscotch, and all of the Hopscotchers! I will defiantly miss Hopscotch!


Noooooo don't leave! So many HSers are leaving!!!




Bye ;-;-;-;;;-;-;-;;-;

My sister (PinkRoses) really looks up to you on HS, we'll both remember you D:


Except for leaving, why not be rare, that means you go on hopscotch and the forums like 1-2 times a month.


Nununununununuuuuuuuu ;-;-;;-;-;

We'll all miss u su much! D:

NU nunnu nu NU nu NU NU NU NU 3: ;-; D:

But if it makes you feel better, than ok, Bai! :D


Wait! I'm called cupcakemaniac1 as well


Good luck in lyfe


Thank you so much! I really look up to up and PinkRoses! However, there is a chance that I will come back to Hopscotch again later.


Really?? I'll tell her that! :smile:

And I would love you to come back someday, if you could :D


Phew! :cold_sweat: plez do.

Bye and hopefully see you (hopefully not much) later!! ;-;


I'm sorry but I just don't think leaving because of academics is right. Unless you have a really hard school you don't have to entirely leave hopscotch.

But that's not me to decide if you leave but you


I don't think I will leave completely. I will probably just become very inactive. However, now I just very busy with school, dance, soccer, and piano.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Oops. I remeber u. This was a year ago, (367) but you were a great fren. You won’t see this, but you were amazing!