Culture Poll for Hopscotchers


What is your culture? Credit to the people who made these polls.

  • African/African-American
  • European
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • American
  • Indian
  • Asian/ Asian American



Where's Asain/American?


Sorry I wasn't quite sure what to put there.


I'm Asian. Please put it in.


plz put canadian in.


Can you put in mixed pls


I'm actually Nigerian, and British. Oops. And American. :D


Here is the public one:

  • African/African-American
  • European
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Indian
  • American
  • Asian/ Asian-American
  • Canadian
  • Mixed


Votes are public.


What country are you from in Africa? Or, you don't know?


Its soooo cool you're from Nigeria!!!!


Cooooool! My whole Dad's family is from Nigeria. I think in Asaba.


I know. They have great food. :D And clothes. Plus, (only I probably think this) funny hats.


I think my mom is from Italy and my dad is 'murican


But I was born in 'murica


Wow!!! Were you born in Nigeria, or England


Here. Some people on my Mom's side were from there, so, I guess that make me British? Maybe?


Oh okayyyyy cool. That's awesome!!!


I know. We have a heritage picnic and the end of the school year, so.. :D


Wow!! We have cultural night at my school in November




Does anyone other than me get red sunburns and never gets tan? Because I forget where that came from.

Is it Irish? Idk