Cucumber Club ((sign-ups open))



You’ve heard of the Dragonfruit Club. You’ve heard of the Watermelon Club. Now get ready for…the Cucumber Club.

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@catfishqqqqqqqqqqqqq - President
@Satan - Vice President
@1000001 - Treasurer


Pickles on the sea floor
Pickles on the sea floor


Let me join please >


I think @Sam123 would like to join this club lol


why him? why not @scienceteacher???


@Petrichor k if you’re going to add tagica. join us


“You can’t stop the change, any more than you can stop the suns from setting.” — Shmi Skywalker


What is this club about? If it’s an art club, I’ll sign up!


Btw this is a cucumber club for cucumbers and none of the options matter


Okay… How does this relate to Hopscotch?


It doesn’t

But if you have a problem with this club then you have a problem with my dragonfruit club too


Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite forumer: I have not been on here long so I don’t have any
Favorite religion: I don’t have any. I respect everyone’s religion equally as long as it does not harm anyone


testing to see if it will allow me to send messages yet


hey it worked congrats

time to join us >;)


I hate cucumbers with all my passion @Serenity


that’s exactly why you should join

EDIT: oh hey so I did some research

and apparently cucumbers are very high in PTC

for those who don’t know, PTC is a chemical found in most poisonous things and some non-poisonous things. being able to taste it is genetic, and those who could taste it back when humans didn’t know anything were more likely to survive because they would learn not to eat things with the bitter taste the chemical causes. over time the recessive trait (not being able to taste it) has died out but people still exist who cannot taste the chemical

at a genetics camp I went to last summer at Notre Dame we tested ourselves for it and my sensitivity to PTC is pretty low, which means I have a Tt genotype

so, @sam123, you have a TT genotype for PTC and you are a valuable member of the human population because you can help us not die of stupidity


Did you google all of this just to try and convince me? @Serenity


nah I knew about the ptc thing but I had to do a bit of searching to find out that cucumbers contained it

also pro tip: there’s no need to @ me; I watch this topic


shh ill keep doing it anyway @Serenity @Serenity @Serenity