CTS's General Topic (We have memes of UwU) ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)



Why was I tagged?


Did I tag you?
If so oops I’m sorry


Wait no it was a reply : p
Read the notifcation wrong


Oh ok


I wasn’t on. For a VERY LONG TIME


Oh! Hi then welcome back lemme fill u in!


Are you here?






Oops sorry I’m back!


Memes, what memes?
All the memes
cool beans


Gahhhhhhh I need someone to v e n t to
I’m feeling so frustrated and I need to get everything out




i know im supposed to have left but I was having a really bad day and I really wanted to co e back and now I’m mad at myself I’m sorry I should go now…


No no no
I’m sorry about that I’m just stressed

Don’t be mad
Gah I have to go see her again
Please feel better
Trust yourself
And the fat sheep

You’re welcome here anytime


Thanks… you can ve nt to me if you want :3


Oof, I hope you feel better soon so here’s a meme to cheer you up


lol you found me… XD


Hi apricity!
Is anyone here?


Pleeeeaase stay!


idk… andndmwjsmdmwkwiw my stomach is killing me i have my first band concert if the year tonight and i’m so nervous wat