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Bonjour hoomans

I’m here now too


bonjour madame apricite.

comment ca va cest dans beau jour?


I don’t like tik tok anyways




didnt u get an account for that with fizzy or something?


Je suis comme ci comme ça. Et toi?



How is the you


ah si, je suis tres bien.


No I showed her my old account I had when it was still called Musically


(This is French, not asl Brain)


lol u seemed really happy about it tho.


que bem, eu tem uma questao. voce sabe falar portuges?


Cause she made a st.upid account name lmao


lol ok i see.

i stopped responding to u doing ur stuff a while back now oof.


Things that others do shouldn’t effect you at all, I think that it’s good that you’ve learned to block that out


nO cOmPrEnDo

i don’t know this French help…

I know more asl than French and I’ve been taking French for a year this is not good


yeah but lol i see that kinda stuff and i think how much youll regret it eventually.

like literally every tik tok user ever.


quem disse que eu estou falando frances?


Eh I’ll learn eventually



Lol I went there in September.

Uh the south hid in a ditch that was basically a wip railroad…
Gettysburg is like the center of all the roads — like this bad looking text diagram thingy
\ | /
/ | \