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figured out stuff for school?


also wow for ur day finally being ok, gren would be proud uwu.


No something else more personal


ohh i see lol sorry for asking.

ok so maybe the 21th century career teacher´s anger can be reasonable considering how loud the kids can be sometimes, but i mean like even my english teacher (which is also pretty stressful to be around) has the same thing and can deal with the kids like they were 3rd graders lol.


Oof wow, I’m pretty bored.


lol yesterday i saw u were making private wbs with everyone left and right.


im hoping that the assignment i get this time can be cleared in 20 minutes like last time.


Yeah, Yesterday I got some evidence for something which is what I figured out and what I’m happy about


lol meanwhile i made a giiiiiiiiiannnnnnnnt doodle on wbf while being sad as usual lol.


Hola I’m finally back!
I got those things that keep the temperature, and i put it to cold, and it ran out…


I was upset yesterday for a long time


Oof does your jaw feel better?


Honestly, no lol.
It ran out right before it was actually going to help lol


im always upset about my life-but

im not gonna get into it more so that i dont make things things.


Ugh that suxs I bet


Aw ok, anyways can I see the drawing u made of the hit or miss girl? Lol


its on the drawing topic lol.


Yeah it does

But rn I’m at the doctor’s office


I don’t understand the hit or miss thing and probably never will


tik tok memes,

thats it.