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Cool emoji pics

Anyone know how to stop a throbbing jaw because Ima gonna explode from the p a in


Ice ice you need ice


I just finished my ACT test


Lol I tried that
It numbs for like 24 seconds and then it hurts

Oof I triés tea, those heater pads, and It still hurt lol


Congrats Tv!
Lol wat


lol my school nurse is really annoying with that.

has a sprain? ice pack
hurts head? ice pack
cold? ice pack
diarrhea? ice pack


You’re supposed to ice it for over 20 minutes


Oof skakakaksks
Lemme go do that brb


Ice pack nurse, sounds like a hero


lol my throats been extremely dry for like the entire weekend.

i bet the nurse would give me an ice pack if i went to their office lol.


tomorrow there might be some strong snow in my area, so maybe there could be a no school tomorrow yay lolazo.


Same for us, on Saturday we got like 6 inches of snow… Grens still sick


also so far i´ve done absolutely nothing in the 4 hours ive been in school lol.


in art class i finished all my assignments so i slept the whole 80 minutes, and same for history class so i was watching surreal memes and made the drawing of the hit or miss girl.

and study hall is study hall.


Lucky you, do you have any other work?


i dont think so, either way its not like id be willing to do it if i havent by this point oof.


next class is 21th century careers, and the only real hard work in that class is making sure the teacher doesnt hyperventilate for people whispering.


Ok then just checking


hows ur school day been so far?

even tho youve only been to school for like an hour by now oof.


It’s actually been ok, I figured some stuff out yesterday which was cool