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CTS is really good!
At art, comics, personality, and always being there!


…thanks guys

You all really help a lot

…wanna hear a story?




Is it about aerith?


Yes please lemme hear a story


Once upon a time,
There was a girl
She was always reading and wanted to draw, but she was terrible at it

Then, her male friend introduced her to an app
Called Hopscotch

She took a look at it, and though it was cool
She only played games at first

Then, she developed her personality
And started to talk to people
She got quite a few friends, and started drawing
She saw other artists who were WAY better
And she wanted to be like them

2 years of solid practice, she’s here today

She wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that one guy




I don’t have any feelings for anyone
He was one of my best friends at school
I think his name was TroublingFrenchHorn
Because he plays the French horn lol


Oh, that is the very of the sad.


I don’t have the right person and I doubt I ever will


He cant look at aerith


I don’t either lol I’m too young to feel real löve imo
But I don’t even have a petty middle school crush lol


Me either. But eventually we both will. (It would be kinda ironic if it turned out to be me and you wouldn’t it (lol)) @CTS


The French horn?
Where is he
I must meet this person


Aerith might be nice! Don’t judge people! Or reincarnated dolls!


Yes it is a reincarnated girl doll


Oh have you been stormed yet?




Maybe? Yes or no?
Or you don’t know? Well you probably would have lost power


what does stormed mean?