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I care foo (backwards oof)


Today’s Xenia’s Birthday(My Kingdom Hearts OC)
It’s the day I created her ÚwÙ I’m so proud of all the heartless she de.stroy.s


I care very much happy early borfday


I coded smth
And drew smth
That was before you broke my heart tho so lol


My anni project looks like you made it :333



mine looks horrible cuz it’s currently nonexistent and I don’t have much time till her anni so I’m prob just going to wind up using shape art


That’s what I did for myself so :ok_hand:


Also if you have a preferred background for your rq can you give it me?



What about this?


Ok gotcha I’m done!
I’ll post it on the dt!


I’m sorry about that…
But that’s how I feel
I don’t want to change


Updating POL soon?


You dont have to. @CTS


Lol I’m not talking about that lol
Smth else



I might tomorrow, I have lots of time since Spring Break
Your comic is good so far
It reminds me of me


I finished spring break


I don’t know anymore
Whenever I try to fix something I just make it worse


You want in? @cts


It’s okay
You’re fine, no need to do anything


You cant change your permanent awesomeness, no matter what you do.