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Whoa just noticed Benny is in the title @GameCodingCrazy123




-_- srsly well either way you’ll get doused in vinegar


Our common room is cozier!
And very cutesy not to mention


the Slytherin common room is boring imo lol


its so creepy I couldn’t live there lol


We got overstuffed chairs uwu


And dark too
More reasons Hufflepuffs are coolio


All the houses are cool and important uwu


Tv sneaks out of TVs sleeve

Tv has Tv’s up her sleeve


it’s a brown to green ombré


@Apricity I absolutely love your characters!
Great personalities!


I’ve finished half of it hurray


but you do !!! we do care about you !! ill say it again and again until u understand ! ur our friend and we dont hate u, we do care about u, we dont want u to leave, etc, etc, etc


I keep on spelling it ect


that was my pending post lol uwo but I still mean it lol


Ha ha we had to dress up for practice today and I went as Yandre-Chan

I steal your lifu


…doo dee doo
My borfday’s in 3 days
no one cares oof


ahhhh still haven’t coded anything