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Aww darn the font it actually says “mauve”


Oh ok
Hilarious meme
How do you draw a flower crown?


Uh draw some crisscrossy lines as the vines and add flowers on top of that? Idk



hey guys

image image
ok lots of these are really sad but whatever


Ten points to Dumbledore


Ten more points to dumbledore



I’m a snake along with @ItzMya


hecc yeah!! Ambition!!


I mean we’ve got all those desirable qualities and we don’t show it off like Ravenclaws ha


Yep and we’re not the least smart house heh
wait if we’re not the least smart house then who is


Uhhh irdk
We’re like all in one and we don’t even brag about it although I’m taking liberties atm


aw the Hufflepuff common room is so cutesy lol


It sure is mya
And nobody EXCEPT for Hufflepuffs know the way to get in XD


Because they never say it in the books.


y’all have succulents úwù


Lol yeah we got a noice house


yeehaw lol


it says on the site - here-
An enchanted stack of barrels, which will only open the door if the correct barrel is tapped in the correct rhythm. If done incorrectly, a barrel will burst open and cover the intruder in vinegar