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ok so it turns out two bands I rlly like are touring together and idk if ill be around when they’re here or if they’re too far but I have to talk to my dad about this when he comes home skskksksksksksksk


Lol sorry my mood

I’m thinking of brown to blonde or smth


Ooh yeah do brown to blonde, with the tips bleáched and dyed greens or smth


Dide that’s sic!!
Which bands?


lol dyed green
It’s for new CoM oc redesigns


Tawny, pastel, seafoam green, lavender…


Lol ik i wa s thinking that might be cool haha


Live and Bush! I was listening to Live and I was like damm I forgot how much I like this band so I looked it up if they were touring and they’ll be in NY in august! and then I saw they were touring with Bush and I was like skskskksksksks


I was just internally gloating on how great hufflepuff is


Ohhh guys

  • Brown to blonde ombré
  • Blonde to lavender ombré

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Nuuuu the login for Pottermore isn’t working cuz apparently the password i haven’t changed since I was like 7 (and is in the password autofill thingy) is incorrect


Cmon petrichor lavender ombré ness is betterrr



  • First one
  • Second one

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None of these are me, credit to internet


Ahh everyone likes second
But I like first


Took another house quiz and wound up in hufflepuff


Oops well here

And here

Hufflepuff stuff


lol i like first too

oooh this is my favorite


The white part is how to get in to the common room so


My Wand: Maple wood with a Unicorn hair core 11 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility
My Patronus: Tonkinese Cat
and my house is Slytherin xd


Wow that’s pretty
What hair color