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Its not true CoM. So many people love and care about you on the forum. And im sure several ppl irl too. Its not true and never will be.


CoM you know I have hufflepuff tendencies right? Because if anyone hurts you I will hufflepuff Them


What’s hufflepuffing


CoM, I gtg now bc I finally get to go see 6.
I have to go I’m sorry.
I’ll see if I can be back, but I might not
Either way, just tag me or smth if you need anything and I’ll respond asap <333 ily



Ok now I gtg take another Harry Potter house quiz again


And donating all you’re money like that, you should stop and think about it. Is it rational or are you overreacting a bit?


No it’s perfectly fine


Oops I got sucked into Pottermore
Oh Tankt it means that I am kind, loyal, compassionate, (yadda,yadda,yadda) but if my friends are in trouble i will be brave and protective (like a badger)


Oh it’s with permission
They need to sign a credit card thing lol


Well then we don’t need to worry.


Sneaky tv so sneaky

Sneakily sneak

How do y’all post so much it’s like 400 posts in 18 hours


What are up to petrichor?


bc we like to talk to each other ùwú


Well idk
Hello Petrichor UwU


Ah. Really. eyes petrichor


Ok now I gtg take another hp quiz and look up the traits of each house

Lol idk


Guys I won’t be on tomorrow prob


Is it an mtb thing?
Ok fine.


Oh mountain bike
Lol no, school starts

lol I knew you wouldn’t miss me xd

Anyone have cute hair colors?


We would miss you cmon CoM

And yes. Blue or purple or pink or green