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hey CTS how’s the poster coming? once that comes out i’m going to start my comic


Excuse me CoM, that is in no way true.


It’s doing good!
I have all the bases and poses down
All I need to do is draw the actual characters, outline, color and shade
Then I’m done!
I should take about another week, maybe less or more if I don’t procrastinate lol
It’ll be done soon


Yeah it is.
I have many reasons for it.
Does Tv still dislike me?


No. Ok gimme your reasons and I’ll disprove em all.

Tv doesn’t dislike you, she was just advising you against donating all of your money without parent permission. I woulda done the same.
Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, or is mad at you.


Ok post coming up

She was upset at me.


Yeah. Key word: WAS.
It’s in the past. Doesn’t mean that she still is. Bc ik she’s not


I said I was leaving three hours ago, you guys did nothing, only Apricty did.
You guys are always better than me, I make a mistake and it gets pointed out fast.
CTS didn’t realize why I’m kinda eh at her
And more


What is your proof on that matter
Weren’t prob not even friends anymore…


My proof is fact

Yes you are she said it herself on my gt you guys are cool it’s fineeee


I was just wondering


I’m sorry I was busy and I thought I posted a re but it must’ve gotten pending or smth ://
We are not better than you, I def am not. I screw up a whole bunch

Well you can’t rly blame her, im she doesn’t know your secret…

:((( wanna tag me to a wiki? I can talk over that w you if u want if it makes u feel better


Heh that’s what they always say lol, no offense

Hah you’re in advanced math or smth

Still lol, it hit me big.
I mean…

I have to go, but I’ll tag you when you get back

Lol I’m legit thinking of making a poll with I care I don’t care


:((( sure believe what you want ig…

So what’s that doesn’t matter

Yeah I get that

Ok sic sure

Yes, and everyone will vote I care


Lol I know you care, just it was suprising when nobody cared about the starving horses

I’m thinking of writing a bug post about what I fell about them tbh


I thought I told you I cared? I can see you’re very passionate about it and I think thats rlly great, and I said ill see what im able to do.


Lol yeah, but it’s a long story
My grandma said nobody will ever luv you. Got stuck in my head



We do care CoM!
Just, advise against you giving all of your money to them without parent permission

Go ahead, as long as it’s on ur gt


She’s wrong.
Became we love you.
We do.
And ppl irl love you too.
Like your parents and irl friends

I will fight anyone that says or thinks otherwise (and I will win)