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Oh same… How old are you?


Hey wassup?
I got regular :3


This also means that discobot is very dumm, since I asked him if I would get regular next year and his reply was yes.


Like my profile picture. Thanks


CoM I’m going with you

Swca is just going to be there

You asked first and you’re my best friend


Okay, thanks Ig?
That says pretty important for me, V day. I joined Hs in CoderOfMagic, so sure!
I read P0L
Oof I have a fever


Oh hope you feel better not soon, but meow


Oh noes
Hope you feel better


Hello @CTS!!!


Hey Jacg
What’s new


Lol I was playing a puzzle game and this was a level


POL! I am so happy that you updated it! What’s new with you? Yeesh we haven’t talked in forever


Yeah I’m super inactive lol

I’m just bored now


Did you hear i set a personal food record last night?


omigosh UPDATE??!!

Be right back!!


Do you play Minecraft?


Ha tankt
It’s not much tho
I’ll do more later

  1. Didn’t know about eh food record
  2. I used to


I made a functioning sinkhole a few minutes ago! 127 command blocks, 384 attempts
My record is one whole large pizza, 10 breadsticks, and a can of pop at once in my belly. And no @tankt2016 it hasn’t kicked in yet


XD your stomach must be pretty accommodating then.
Either that or I’m just susceptible to stomach aches lol.